Sideloader (swinglift) Competency Certificate

About this Course

This course is intended to guarantee that a user is well-versed in the safe and effective use of a sideloader.

Course Aim

  • Perform a pre-use check of a sideloader and any ancillary equipment that may be installed.
  • Affirm site security.
  • Place a container on a sideloader vehicle by loading it from the ground.
  • Unload a Sideloader vehicle’s container on the ground.
  • Moving a container between two vehicles.

Course Structure & Details:

Duration from half a day to one day:

  • Unit Standard 17679 – Operate a truck-mounted Swinglift. Expect half a day for up to 2 people, a full day from 3- 6
  • Refresher training – expect up to half day.

Unit Standards 

  • Unit Standard 17679 – 6 credits – (operate a truck-mounted Sidelifter).

Course Venue and Requirements

This course is best given in the workplace since it includes a practical component involving the workplace. 

It is preferable that clients provide:

  • One suitable sidelifter-equipped car.
  • A single trailer or truck that can accommodate a loaded container.
  • One container that is at least 50% of the sidelifter’s safe working load.

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