Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving New Zealand (SAFED NZ)

About this Course

Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving New Zealand (SAFED NZ) is a comprehensive one-day, off-the-job driver development course. It teaches safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques through a combination of theoretical and practical exercises. There are two separate courses: one for truck drivers, and one for bus and coach drivers.

A fuel-efficient driving style is closely linked with improved road safety. Adopting simple fuel-efficient driving techniques gives drivers more time to identify hazards and react to them.

Applying safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques learnt through SAFED NZ can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent. Ongoing savings on repairs and maintenance are also achieved. This can make a big difference to the bottom line of your operation.

Course Prerequisites

To sit this course candidates will need to provide a vehicle and load (usually arranged by their company) and hold a valid licence for the class of vehicle being used.

Course Outline

The one-day training programme begins with one of our approved SAFED NZ instructor assessing the participant’s driving on a specific route. This is followed by classroom-based training on best practice in safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques. The participant’s driving is then reassessed on the same route to record improvements in driving performance and actual fuel consumption.

Finally, the participant is assessed on a series of safety check and theory exercises. The final grade is then based on the results from the two practical driving sessions and the exercises. If the participant has a gap in one of the elements, the instructor will recommend where extra training would benefit the participant.

At the end of the training session, the participant and instructor will agree a target figure for future improvement in fuel consumption. This figure will reflect any improvement evident between the participant’s first and second training drives.

Successful participants receive a certificate of achievement.

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