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About this Course

This course addresses US18496 (V2) Show off your forklift driving knowledge and abilities in order to receive the endorsement F (forklifts).

With the aforementioned unit standard, you can use a forklift in a public setting. Such as, streets, culverts, ferries, and motorways. 

The below classes of licence allow you to operate the following forklifts:

  • Forklifts having a Gross Laden Weight up to 18,000 kg are covered by the NZ Class 1 Full Licence (with an F endorsement).
  • Forklifts with a Gross Laden Weight greater than 18,000 Kg are covered by the NZ Class 2 Full Licence (with an F endorsement). 

Course Prerequisites

  • A valid New Zealand Class 1 Full Driver’s License is a requirement.
  • A valid forklift operator competency certificate is REQUIRED of you.

Course Outline

Theory Course:

Takes approximately 1-2 hours in the classroom and covers:

  • US18496 (V2) Display knowledge and skills for driving a forklift on a road for endorsement F (forklifts)


Takes approximately 15 min per person and covers the following:

  • Prior car safety inspections
  • Rearranging the stacks
  • The equipment’s ability to operate safely
  • Re-fuelling
  • Parking and Storage

After successfully completing your training program, you will receive a certificate from the NZ Transport Agency. You must take this certificate to any driver licensing agency (AA or VTNZ) that has been approved by the NZTA in order to have the F Endorsement added to your driver’s license. You will receive credit for the F Endorsement unit standard (US 18496) on your NZQA Record of Learning.

Before uploading your F Endorsement to your driver license, you are NOT authorized to drive a forklift.

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