D Endorsement

About this Course

This lesson addresses US16718. Know the law and how it is applied to the transportation of dangerous goods by road.

To transport dangerous or hazardous products on New Zealand roads, you must have a Dangerous products (“D” Endorsement) endorsement on your driver’s license.

Course Prerequisites

You must be in possession of a valid New Zealand driver’s license to transport dangerous or hazardous items.

Course Outline

This course will cover the following:

  • Determining the Dangerous Goods Rule’s application.
  • Determining the duties of the driver and loader in relation to the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Determining and outlining the documentation needs for the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Determining the specifications for packages that contain Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities (DGLQ).
  • Showcasing familiarity with the rules for categorizing dangerous goods.
  • Showcasing awareness of the need to placard vehicles and freight containers carrying dangerous goods.
  • Outlining the measures and factors a motorist should take into account in the case of an accident or emergency.
  • Unit Specification 16718.

Duration: 6 hours

On the day of the session, all tools and resources will be provided.

You will receive a NZTA certificate after passing the theory exam. This certificate must be taken to the local AA or VTNZ to have it posted onto your driver’s license.

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT licenced to transport Dangerous or Hazardous Goods until the Dangerous Goods Endorsement has been uploaded onto your licence.

To upload the dangerous goods certificate onto your license, you ONLY have 60 days from the certificate’s issue date.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority Unit Standard 16718 is the foundation for this course.

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