Class 2

6000kg to 18000 kg Rigid Truck

About this Course

A Heavy Rigid Vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of between 6,000 kg and 18,000 kg or a Combination Vehicle with a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of between 6,000 kg and 12,000 kg is covered by the Class 2 license course.

Course Prerequisites

A valid New Zealand Class 2 Learner License is required for enrollment in this course.

We provide a class 2 Learner License Preparation Course in case you need help getting your class 2 learners license.

Course Outline

Theory Course

  • Day 1 (In-classroom Theory) Unit Standard 24089 – Show understanding of standards for driver logbooks, work hours, and fatigue management.
  • Day 2 (In-classroom Theory) Operate a rigid vehicle in order to fulfill the criteria for a complete class 2 driver’s license, according to unit standard 17574.

Practical Course

  • Class 2 Practical Training Session: 1.5 hours of practical instruction in class 2 truck.
  • Class 2 Practical Training Assessment: 1.5-hour hands-on assessment in class 2 truck.

Any additional practical training or re-assessment sessions are subject to additional fees; for more information, please contact our office.

Practical drives are spread out over three extra days and are NOT pre-booked; you must make arrangements for them by calling our office subject to trainer and vehicle availability.

You will receive a NZ Transport Agency certificate upon successful completion of your training program. You must present this certificate to any NZTA-approved Driver Licensing Agency (AA or VTNZ) to have your license upgraded to a Full Class 2 Licence without the need for additional testing. You will receive credit for both unit standards (US 24089 & US 17574) on your NZQA Records of Learning.

Until your Full Class 2 has been transferred to your driver license, you are NOT authorized to drive on public roads.

For more detailed information, please view our Terms and Conditions.

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